The Future of Storytelling & Storytelling Through Branding

Self-published authors and Indie authors know intimately that branding is a type of storytelling. You tell the story about you as an author, you as a storyteller. You tell a story about your books through your cover, your blurb, your logo, your website. Branding is a story.

There’s a wonderful event called The Future of Storytelling. When it comes to looking to the future of our business of books, you could do worse than this site. There are a lot of great ideas here just waiting patiently to be mined for inspiration.

There are numerous videos worth watching, but I liked this one because it deals with the storytelling of branding. It’s an area that authors swear they know nothing about. They swear they can’t be the one responsible for it because platforms and brands and marketing is not in their scope.

But branding is storytelling. And that is absolutely our wheelhouse.

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